Dune Forum

A magazine on art, literature, and politics (with the occasional treatise on nudity) Dune Forum was published in the early 1930s in the artists’ colony of Moy Mell, on the central California coast. Its founding editor, Gavin Arthur, aimed to provide a view point that would “express the creative thought of America looking not toward Europe but toward the West.” Arthur founded the loose clan of artists, writers, philosophers, misfits and hermits known as the ‘Dunites’ who lived in the Oceano dunes in a few cabins and driftwood shacks. Pauline Schindler (cultural critic, and wife of architect R.M. Schindler), was associate editor. (For more on her involvement, see John Crosse’s post on her life and work).

Scans of the issues are available here, with cover photography often contributed by Edward Weston.

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